Focusun ™ Flake Ice Machines adopt the world's most advanced Flake ice making technology. For your best Focusun experience, we keep improving and upgrading our services. Please watch videos of some frequently asked questions about Focusun, our product and services. Also see the following answers on how to solve both common and complex problems with your Focusun products. We understand it may not always be convenient to read and troubleshoot with your user manual. That is why we have improved our services to allow you watch and follow some steps in solving problems as they arise.

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Overview Flake Ice Machine

Where can I purchase spare parts?
To purchase spare parts, please contact our customer service.
What kind of refrigeration systems are available?
Focusun Ice Machines are available with a variety of refrigeration systems: freon system and ammonia system.
After pressing the start button, the 'ice-maker-running-indicating light' is off and the ice maker is not running. What can I do?
Find out the reason of this breakdown by following these steps: Check whether the electrical source broke off. Examine whether the fuse blows; Check whether the emergency stop button is pressed. If this fails to be the case, please contact Focusun After-Sales-Team for your solutions.
What do I do in case of power shortage?
First turn off your machine using the PLC Control. Then switch of the main power supply and unplug the connecting cable if necessary. Leave your machine stationary until the power shortage is solved. Now in a reverse cycle, plug the connecting power supply cable and switch on the main power supply. Leave this for 1-2 minutes and then turn on your PLC Control. Your machine should be working normally now.
My machine is malfunctioning but the PLC Control does not indicate the problem. What can I do?
The PLC Control will typically indicate a problem of your machine with amber or red light on your PLC Control. If you have a problem in your machine but the PLC Control is not indicating an error, please reboot your PLC Control by switching it off for 5-10 minutes. Restart your PLC Control and your machine should be working or indicating the error now. If this fails to be the case, please contact your own professional engineer or contact your professional and friendly Focusun After-Sales-Team for your solutions.
Why is the compressor disturbance indicator light on?
Check whether wires are loose, there is lack of phase and whether the set value is normal; Check whether the compressor overheated. After the motor is cooling down, it will reset automatically. Replace the compressor temperature control module. Check, whether the cooling system is running normally. If it is not, the condenser needs cleaning. Check high/low pressure set value or change high/low pressure switch.
What should I do when the reducer indicator light is showing a failure signal?
Find reasons for a reducer failure:
1) Reducer motor thermal overload. Solution: press the motor switch reset key (Black).
2) Water pump thermal overload. Solution: press the motor switch (Black).
3) Reducer or water pump is damaged. Solution: Replace the reducer or water pump.

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