Flake Ice Machine for Snow-Making System in Hongkong

Focusun Snowmaking System with Crushed Flake Ice

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Focusun is spearheading the Refrigeration Industry with innovative and critically researched technology in Ice Cooling Solutions. Besides ice machines, we are also masters of our trades in manufacturing Mine Cooling Systems, Concrete Cooling Systems, Snow Making Systems and more, to offer Turnkey Refrigeration Systems for convenient use.

In May of 2013, an entertainment park (name withheld upon client's request) called on us for their new and creative themed park "Polar Adventure in Summer". With considerable renovations going on, this park wanted to deliver a spectacular new concept for their most dramatic eco-themed area. Since summer was coming, the tight schedule and the large-scale of the project presented us with a tough challenge, but also a good opportunity to display our capability to offer comprehensive ice solutions.

Project Summary

Challenge: Producing a large amount of snow while guaranteeing a high snow quality during the hot summer.

  • The snow should be long-lasting with high durability and resistant against melting from heat exposure for as long time as possible.
  • Guaranteeing a high quality of snow which should be close to quality of natural snow.
  • The snow should cover the whole area of the “Polar Adventure”.

Our solution: Building a Snow Maker composed of a Flake Ice Machine.

  • Using Flake Ice as snowmaking material as it is more resistant against the heat.
  • The Snowmaking Machine combined with a Flake Ice Machine, an Ice Crusher and an Air delivery system can provide enough snow to cover the whole area.
  • Flake Ice produced at night will be kept in the ice storage and delivered to make snow during the day. This way is more efficient, cost-reducing and energy-saving.

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