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In January 2014, we received an inquiry from a renowned Airline (name withheld upon client's request) about ice cubes for their catering, therefore the cube ice plant had to conform to food standards. Another key aspect of the project was to reduce cost of both labor and time, which meant the ice-packing process should be highly-automated.

Project Summary

Challenge: reducing the manual handling time and dealing with high peak hourly consumption of ice cubes.

  • In the production process the operator should only be involved in the packaging process to save time and labor cost.
  • The whole set should feature an ice-dropping rate of a 3 seconds interval.
  • Peak ice consumption needs of about 1815 lb an hour had to be met.

A solution to explore a V-type stainless steel auger ice storage of 2800 lb.

  • The V-type cube ice storage comes with a screw ice conveyor which is used to achieve a semi-automatic packaging process.
  • The design of a foot pedal solves the problem of the time-interval. An operator just needs to step on the pedal to obtain the ice.
  • The increased ice volume per bag of up to 11 lb is adequate to meet the peak hourly consumption of ice cubes.

If you have similar demand for a Cube Ice Plant with V-type auger ice storage, please send your enquiry to, we are happy to support you and give further information.

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