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Focusun products and services have earned a very high reputation around the globe. Our reach extended to India where a new cooperation was forged between Focusun and our Indian client (name withheld upon client's request).

In November of 2013, our service was urgently needed when our client in India called on us for help on their Direct System Block Ice Plant. After some trial runs of the direct system block ice plant, we noticed the technical problems and worked out a cost-effective solution for the client. We believe our work was more than successful as we have been able to continue our successful cooperation on many other projects since.

Project Summary

Challenge to remove the ice blocks quickly and to start the next shift immediately

  • Remove entire batch of ice blocks coming out from the mold at one time and start the next ice-making shift right after the removal.
  • Avoid the shrimp spreading everywhere and filling every block with 20kg shrimp and 5kg water.
  • Lessen labor needed and figure out a fully-automatic ice making, crushing and delivery solutions.

A solution to create an automatic equipment

  • Suggest two trolleys made of SUS304 and installed between the mould and the bottom plate of the block ice machine.
  • Fit the bottom portion of the moulds with nets so that only water will enter to the other block and not shrimp.
  • Draw the full schematic of the project : 18 tons per day containerized direct system block ice plant with trolleys, ice crusher connected to the delivery system which can convey the crushed block ice directly to the fishing vessels.

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